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Felling a very large and dangerous Horse Chestnut in St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Last week we were in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, felling a very large and dangerous Horse Chestnut tree. Following a meeting with the tree officer to inspect the tree, we discovered the tree was unsafe due to a crack in the bottom of the trunk. Instant permission was given to remove the tree. The carpark was closed and all residents were notified of the danger. This was considered an emergency, so we assembled a team for the coming weekend. We used a 10 tonne ratchet strap (for peace of mind) anchored to a nearby tree to hold the damaged tree in place whilst we dismantled it. We used two lowering devices in which to lower the very large branches in a safe and controlled manner. It took two climbers the whole day to get the tree down and four very tired groundsman! Everything went to plan and most of the work was completed on the Saturday. The car park was re-opened and the residents were safe once again!

If you have a similar problem or require any other type of tree or hedge work, please get in touch!

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