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Conifer hedge at Waterloo Cottage in Offord Darcy

This month we were in Offord Darcy to reduce a Conifer hedge that was out of control! We arranged a date for one of the team to give a quotation to the customers. They were happy with the quote and a date was arranged to carry out the works.

After two and a half days of hard graft, the job was completed on schedule! The customers were so impressed by how neat our work was, that they invited us back a few weeks later to do a similar hedge on the other side of their property!

They left this review on our website, and on our page on to show their appreciation!

" A great job Charlie on about 200m of neglected leylandii hedging. You really work hard, no hanging around drinking tea! And tidy up beautifully. Professional and well priced. Thank you!

Suzanne & Tim "

For more information or to book a quotation, please contact us via our website using the link below!

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