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Felling a large Poplar tree in Offord D'Arcy, Cambridgeshire

Last week we returned again to the village of Offord D'Arcy in Cambridgeshire (our name is certainly getting around!) felling a very large Poplar tree. As you can see from the pictures, it was a massive undertaking. The customer had obtained several quotes to remove the tree and yet again, ours came back as one of the cheapest, so this combined with the knowledge that we do a thoroughly good job, they chose us! The tree was situated over a main road, so all the necessary health and safety measures were undertaken to ensure the tree was taken down safely and efficiently. The tree was dismantled and ready to fell completely within one day. The following day, after clearing the site of all arisings, the main trunk was felled, using a nine tonne tractor to pull it over. The trunk was then cut into 3/4 metre lengths, each weighing approximately three tonnes, and loaded onto a trailer using the fork lift. We guessed there was around 15 tonnes per trailer load! The local farmers used these sections to block field entrances. Many locals came to take away the smaller cordwood to be used on their fires and log burners. The site was left clean and tidy and we will be returning there next week for some more tree work!

If you have a similar job, or any tree or hedge work required, do not hesitate to contact us. Click on the link to our website where you will find multiple contact details.

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