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Unfortunate felling of several Holm Oak trees due to Ganoderma fungus infection.

Earlier this year we were working at a client’s house in Croxton, Cambridgeshire. During the course of the day, we spotted one of the trees, a Holm Oak, had a large Ganoderma fungus at the base, with visible decay. We inspected the other Holm Oaks to find that, unfortunately, 6 out of 7 had the deadly fungus.

After the completion of an extensive tree survey, sadly, four of them had to be completely removed (with equal disappointment from both us and the client), one was coppiced and thankfully, one was healthy enough for a heavy pollard.

A quotation was sent to our client and the work was booked in as a matter of urgency.

The work was completed with in the week & the client kept the majority of the wood to be used as logs. The larger straighter stems were kept by ourselves which were transported to our yard where we will working on them to create a table for the client to remember the trees by.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any tree surgery requirements.

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