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Our commitment to recycling!

Hello everyone!

Given the current events on our planet, we thought we would take this opportunity to remind you all that we recycle approximately 95% of our waste, be it commercial or domestic!!!

The majority of our waste is obviously brash (branches and other debris) which goes through our chippers and is turned into wood chips, this is then stored at our yard. A lorry from Eddie Stobart Biomass is then arranged to collect the wood chips and it is then taken off to various sites around the UK, to be used as Biomass fuels.

The larger timber is used for heating homes, either on log fires or biomass burners. Any larger timber such as Yew, Cherry, Oak or Walnut is cut into planks and then treated and left for 2-3 years to dry out slowly. We are currently taking orders for bespoke, and fully customised furniture, predominately tables and smaller objects such as chopping boards. Below are a some examples of the planks we have in stock and plan to use in the next 1-2 years. Please be aware that after sanding and treatment, the colours in the wood are multiplied to give an amazing colour and individual look, making each and every piece unique!

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