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Another lovely comment from yet another happy customer!

Last week, we returned to a regular customer who was yet again very pleased with our work. Upon our first visit last year, they had purchased a new property with a very neglected and overgrown garden. We cleared all of the unwanted shrubs and trees, including a large amount of Ivy tangled along an old wall. The more desirable species were left such as two variegated holly bushes (which were re-trimmed into shape) and several other trees including a Robinia and a lovely Cherry tree. This year we returned for maintenance. It is very important to maintain your trees and shrubs, as when certain species get too large it can be difficult to bring them back to the size to suit your garden. The customer left us a great review too!

"I have used Charlie and his team twice now, he has given us free advice on a large cherry tree and completely cleared our overgrown garden. His work is first rate,clean and tidy all at a fair price. I originally spent ages emailing tree surgeons,most of them didn’t answer or made appointment and failed to show, I am very pleased they didn’t now or I wouldn’t have found Charlie.Highly recommended and will certainly use again"

If you have any queries or would like a free quotation then please get in touch using the link below.

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