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Another great comment from yet another happy customer!

Earlier this year, after much debate between our client and their neighbours, we finally managed to make a start on four extremely large Leylandii trees. The client's neighbours were in the process of selling their house and were concerned that there would be a lot of mess or even damage to their property. Once we arrived on site we reassured them that this would not be the case and a promise that they wouldn't know we had been. The job was completed perfectly and the neighbour remarked that her side was actually cleaner after the work was carried out! They were also delighted with the extra light that their property had gained and thanked us for our commitment to ensuring that everyone concerned was happy. Needless to say our client was also very pleased with the whole process and couldn't thank us enough! They had this lovely comment to say;

" I asked Charlie to take out four huge and overgrown Leylandii out. Despite having a restricted space and access Josh and his crew not only charmed my previously obstructive neighbours but cleared the trees, ground the stumps and left the area immaculate. And all at a very competitive price. I’d had several quotes but Charlie’s can do attitude won out. Can not recommend this firm highly enough."

If you have any queries or would like a free quotation then please get in touch using the linkn below.

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