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Large trees in confined spaces: a slight challenge but not a problem!

A large tree in a confined space is a challenge but not a problem for our highly skilled team with the correct kit! We were contacted in 2018 to reduce a Walnut tree in a customer's garden, whilst doing so, I noticed that their Ash tree was looking rather poorly! A climbing inspection was carried out and large cavities with heavy decay were found. On top of this Inonotus Hispidus was also present (this causes rot in the heartwood and eventually failure of the tree). This was a particularly tricky job due to the confined area and close proximity to the house of the Ash tree. We decided that the best action to take was to pollard the tree to a safe height, this allows the tree to return back to it's former glory! We even had time to stop for some coffee and cake! The job was completed on time and the customer was delighted! 

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