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Expert Arborist Services in Cambridgeshire

The Benefits of Arboriculture in Cambridgeshire


Arborists provide beneficial services for people in Cambridgeshire, improving the safety of their property. Arborists also help enhance your garden and landscape. They achieve this by expertly caring for mature trees, pruning overgrown shrubs, and ensuring their healthy growth and development for the future.

This service not only ensures the safety of large trees and shrubs but also promotes their effective management and conservation. Attempting to maintain them without previous experience can result in further damage to your green space and trees.


Arboriculture is a significant and intricate task that requires extensive knowledge and expertise in understanding the biology of trees, their life cycles, signs of health issues, and proper care techniques. This knowledge is needed to accurately assess the tree's condition, provide precise treatment and fertilisation as needed. 

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When should you call an arborist?


  • Tree Health Issues - if you notice signs of declining health in your trees, such as leaf discoloration, wilting, dieback, or extensive pest infestations, it's a good idea to consult an arborist, to get a diagnosis and treatment plan for your tree.

  • Structural Instability - if you observe leaning, significant trunk cracks, or root damage in a tree, it may pose a safety risk. Arborists can evaluate the tree's stability and determine whether it requires remedial actions or tree removal to prevent accidents.

  • Dead or Dying Trees - Such trees can be hazardous, especially if they are near structures, pathways, or power lines. An arborist can safely remove these trees and advise on suitable replacements or alternatives.

  • Overgrown Branches or Canopy - When tree branches become overly dense, obstructing sunlight or encroaching on buildings, it's essential to have them pruned by an arborist. Proper pruning techniques will improve the tree's health, shape, and overall safety.

  • Storm Damage: Following severe storms, trees may suffer from broken branches, split trunks, or uprooting. Arborists can assess the extent of the damage and perform necessary tree maintenance.

Areas we cover: St.Ives, Wyton, Hemingfords, Houghton, even as far out as Warboys.

Crown Reduction


Stump Grinding

Crown Thinning

Dead Tree Removal

Crown Raising

Tree Felling

Hedge Trimming

What do we offer?

We’re professional arborists and we pride ourselves on the high quality of service and expertise we provide to our customers. Our experienced arborist team always pays attention to health and safety regulations, ensuring we work safely and protect the environment around us.

We offer a broad range of high quality tree care services across all of Cambridgeshire to make sure your green spaces are safe and trees maintained. Such services as Tree Felling, Crown Reduction, Stump Grinding, Pruning, Hedge Trimming and many more can be provided by our tree surgeons. ​


Our arborists can apply their skills in a variety of areas, such as urban landscapes, residential gardens and rural woodland parks all across Cambridgeshire. Here at our tree surgeon practice we take great pride in providing a fast, seamless and efficient service, leaving your garden or green space as we found it - ensuring none of our customers have to worry about clearing up their gardens once all work is done.  

Our team of reliable arborists is fully insured and holds a waste carriers licence. Therefore you can rest assured that you will be provided with a professional service - with your trees taken care of and your property left clean, as we found it.
We can offer advice if your trees are in a conservation area or protected by tree preservation orders, liaising with local authorities and council tree officers during the planning application process. With our friendly, no obligation advice, we will strive to make our quotation as competitive as we can, without compromising the quality of our workmanship

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If you are looking for a team of professional arborists please get in touch. 


Phone : 01480 880199


What do tree surgeons do with waste?

At Charlie Vince Tree Surgery, we are committed to eco-friendly practices, including the recycling of the majority of our tree waste. Once our professional arborists have completed the cleanup at the work site, the collected tree waste is transported to Stobart Energy, where it is efficiently converted into biomass. Additionally, the tree trunks are processed into logs that serve as a sustainable source of heating for homes.


What our local surgery customers say . . . 

We would recommend them to others.

Charlie Vince Tree Surgery removed 6 trees and ground out 8 stumps for us.  They turned up on time, got on with the job, cleaned up at the end and left the garden tidy.  They were friendly and communicative and their work was excellent.


They were also very competitive on price. We would use them again and recommend them to others.

- Peter Warren

Brilliant job - 6 very tall trees pollarded next to guided busway

Charlie and his team have done a fantastic job. This began with checking with the tree status with the council, arranging for access to the guided busway on a Sunday and then the actual work of pollarding 6 very tall, shaky poplar trees.


They were professional, enthusiastic and very pleasant to deal with. Finally the removal of debris and clean up was really top-notch, they cleaned up the garden very well and took some extra garden debris also! They come very highly recommended from us.


- Dr D Williams

Friendly and Professional

Competitive, Friendly, Professional and left the garden tidy. Happy to recommend.


- Graham W

An excellent job carried out by a professional team

A reliable company, comes highly recommended. From site visit, quote and work carried out it cannot be faulted.


- Frank C

Great job!

Excellent job, Charlie and his team recently took a number of connifers down and cut back a large tree from our front garden.


We were really pleased with the end result, a transformed garden, which was left nice and tidy. Charlie and his team were very professional, friendly and definitely hardworking. Would recommend

- Katy S

If you are looking for a team of professional tree surgeons please get in touch. 

Phone : 01480 880199

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