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Crown Reduction

Usually carried out to prevent the tree limbs from growing too large (which can result in them breaking off) or if the customer simply decides that the tree is too big or too close to a building. The whole crown of the tree will be worked on.

Crown Thinning

Tree Felling

Simply when there is no other option but to completely remove the tree, due to size, positioning or disease. This is always a last resort.


A way of letting more light through the tree, creating an even balance of growth around the tree, decreasing wind resistance, and reducing the weight of branches and limbs. This is done by carefully removing selected branches. This process will not change the shape of the tree.

A heavy crown reduction and is generally used when the tree has a disease or a weakness which might make the tree unstable. Pollarding can encourage vigerous re-growth.

Dead Wood Removal

The removal of dead, damaged, weak or insect infested limbs (which may lead to decay or pose a health and safety hazard). This procedure can prolong the life of the tree by preventing the decay/disease from spreading. Dead wood removal can prevent any injuries or damage to properties resulting from falling branches.

Crown Lifting

Achieved by raising up the lower crown, allowing more room for cars or pedestrians to pass by safely. It can also let more light through and will create a neater, more aesthetic look to the lower crown.

Hedge Trimming

Is the best way to keep your garden tidy. We care for all types of hedges and shrubs and work to a very high standard.

Stump Grinding

Is the removal of a stump. Tree stumps can be a nuisance if they are in an awkward position. All sizes can be removed.


We supply high quality seasoned logs at a competitve price.

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