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Tree Felling

The felling of a tree is always our last resort. We only fell trees if they are deemed unsafe or becoming a nuisance to public, for example damaging buildings or blocking drains.


The process of felling a tree can range from a straight forward fell from ground level (this will only be an option if there is ample space for the tree to fall) to more technical methods.


Different techniques range from simple high lift wedges, to heavy duty winches, depending on the size and the angle that the tree is leaning.


A more challenging situation might be when a tree is situated in a public area, over a road or a tree in a domestic garden, which may have a number of obstacles in the near vicinity, such as greenhouses, patios, ponds and other unmovable items. In this case the tree will need to be climbed and dismantled in small sections, often using lowering devices to safely lower heavy branches and timber down to the ground in a safe and controlled manor.

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