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Trees Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the reduction in height and/or spread of the crown of a tree canopy (the foliage bearing portions of the tree) and can be carried out on all varieties of tree. Crown reduction may be used to reduce mechanical stress on individual branches or the whole tree, without damaging lateral branches or tree's crown. Such type of pruning helps make the tree more suited to its immediate environment, or to reduce the effects of shading and light loss, especially when it comes to tall trees and mature trees.

Usually carried out to prevent the tree from growing too large and close to a building (which can result in them breaking off) or if the customer simply decides that the tree's crown is too big. The whole crown of the tree will be worked on providing you with a quality crown reduction. Our team of professional arborists perform such tree services as - crown reduction, tree trimming and tree pruning to help keep large trees healthy and safe - be it fruit bearing trees or large trees with unattractive and vertical branches. 

The final result of crown reduction should be to retain the main framework of the crown, which is a significant proportion of the leaf bearing structure and to leave a similar, although smaller outline, without necessarily having to achieve symmetry for its own sake. Pruning a tree into a perfect circle, nicknamed ‘Lollypopping' is not the correct way to reduce a tree. Most professional arborists do not carry out such tree services, as it only causes further damage to the tree's structural integrity and health.

Reductions of any type of tree or crown of a tree will be specified by actual measurements, where possible, and reflect the finished result, e.g. ‘crown reduce in height by 2.0m and lateral spread by 1.0m. Reduction should not be confused with ‘tree topping', which is an indiscriminate and harmful treatment, causing negative effects to the tree's health.

Crown reduction cuts should be as small as possible and in general not exceed 100mm diameter, unless the tree has dead branches, which pose danger to its surroundings. Therefore, crown reduction services are perfect for anyone who wants to control the tree size, without ruining the tree's natural shape or making it more susceptible to disease. This type of tree pruning, unlike destructive tree topping, is considered safe and beneficial for your tree, especially if you have fruit-bearing trees, as this will help increase fruit production. On top of that, removing diseased branches and dead limbs from your tree will highly improve the tree's energy producing capacity.

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