Stump grinding

Stump grinding is a process needed to remove a tree stump. A large machine is required, which has a cutting head attachment that chips away at the wood by means of a rotating cutting disc with multiple teeth.


The teeth are made from a hardened metal, to avoid damage from hitting unwanted concrete or metal which can be found in and around stumps. If the tree stump is in a public area or in the middle of a domestic garden, the best option may be to remove the stump.


However, tree stumps do not always need to be ground out. If the tree is felled and there is no intention to let it re-grow, then it can be cut to ground level and treated with a safe glyphosate solution.


Or even leave the stump and place a garden ornament  on top to help keep the costs down!


Or even better a seat or carving or a base for a bird bath!

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