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Hedge Trimming in Cambridgeshire

Hedge trimming is essential to maintain the height of the hedge and the general appearance of your garden.


A garden with well trimmed hedges is key to keeping up with the Jones’s! We trim all shapes and sizes of hedges from small Topiary shrubs to the largest Leylandii hedges, (it is essential to use extremely sharp tools for this particular job, as blunt tools will tear rather than cut, thus damaging the hedge).


Using a professional to trim your hedges is key to getting that crisp look, a true professional will strive to get that perfect hedge. Hedges should be slightly tapered on both sides, with the base being wider than the top, so that light can reach the bottom. This is known as cutting the hedge to a batter.


However, many of our clients prefer their hedges to be cut with perfect parallel sides…who are we to argue!


Trimming well established hedges can be done twice a year to ensure they look neat and tidy all year round. You may choose to only trim once a year, which can be done at any time to suit your needs. However tight Cypress hedges should not be trimmed during very cold frosts as the cold can burn the ends of the open wounds.


Also, newly planted hedges should be trimmed at the times of year to suit the individual species. Finally, please bear in mind the nesting season, as it is an offense to disturb nesting birds during this period.

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