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What is Biomass?

Charlie Vince Tree Surgery strives to recycle as much of our waste products as possible in Cambridgeshire.

We estimate this to be roughly 95%, which we think is good going!


What is Biomass?

Biomass is a renewable energy, which is easily collected from waste products. It creates far less harmful gasses, such as methane and carbon dioxide compared to fossil fuels. It is clearly a fuel for the future. Biomass is the way forward to keep our environment clean and it is becoming a number one priority in all countries.


Where does it come from?

The most obvious source of biomass is trees. Wood fuel can be derived from conventional forestry practice or from tree surgery operations, such as the management of parks, commercial areas and private gardens. In our menu of services we do offer these wood collections and dead tree removals in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire (but not only limited to this area).


How does a tree turn into renewable energy or biomass?

The process starts with our company undertaking tree work on a daily basis. The arisings are shredded and processed into a finished, usable product (wood chip), which then gets deposited at our yard. Once we have a large amount, Stobart Energy (which is the number one supplier of biomass in the UK) sends out a vehicle in which to collect it. The wood chip is then sent to various clients where it is burnt and used to produce electricity - type of biomass, and in turn produces hot water for use in heating systems. It is a whole system of much better energy production while getting rid of waste products and saving the environment.

When trees are burned as part of making biofuel, the carbon that was stored in them is reabsorbed back into the atmosphere, allowing photosynthesis to continue.


What happens to the trunks of the trees?


These are processed into logs which we sell on to local customers. It is also considered a biomass fuel, as it is used for heating homes.



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