April 6, 2020

A fantastic planting job over in Sandy.

Last month we were asked to remove an existing tired hedge for one of our regular clients. The hedge was full of Ivy and brambles which sadly had declined over the years and was in a very poor state.

Once we had removed the old hedge and grinded the stumps out, we dug a trench roughly 12" deep. We removed any weeds, roots and large stones. We also forked over the bottom...

July 2, 2019

Yesterday we were in Barton with the pleasure of surveying a very impressive Wellingtonia! Trees at this stage in their life are always best to keep an eye on as unfortunately, at some point, they will start to decline. The biggest concern of this tree is its 'V' shaped union. If this tree was left to it's own devices it would have inevitably broke apart, leaving the more stable half standing. This half the...

July 1, 2019

This week we were at the Village Hall in Offord Darcy to reduce a large Lime tree. The tree was reduced several years ago and the pruning points had not healed over well, creating weak points in the crown. The tree was reduced back to these points to lessen the loading. Traffic Management was used to make sure the traffic was kept flowing and keep everyone including ourselves safe! 

June 10, 2019

A large tree in a confined space is a challenge but not a problem for our highly skilled team with the correct kit! We were contacted in 2018 to reduce a Walnut tree in a customer's garden, whilst doing so, I noticed that their Ash tree was looking rather poorly! A climbing inspection was carried out and large cavities with heavy decay were found. On top of this Inonotus Hispidus was also present (this caus...

June 10, 2019

  1. Earlier this year we were in Saint Ives working for a regular client. The safety of the residents in Limes Park was priority. Unfortunately two large Poplar trees were on the list to be felled as the roots were lifting the path and also the heart wood was starting to decay. The job was carried out exactly as planned, we had some time left on the last day to get our newest member up his first tree, and using...

June 7, 2019

Another fantastic job by Charlie Vince Tree Surgery and Nailed It Fencing!

Large eucalyptus reduced for one customer and a fence erected for another customer. All completed in one day, Nailed It!

We find this combination of tree surgery and fencing works so well for our customers as they don’t have to use two contractors!

If you require tree surgery, fencing or decking please get in touch!

Call us – 01480...

May 30, 2019

Thirst is harder for trees to endure than hunger because they can satisfy their hunger whenever they want. A mature tree can send up to 400 litres of water a day, as long as it can draw enough up from below. However, the moisture would soon run out if it were to do that every day in the summer. In the warmer seasons there isnt nearly enough water, so the tree stockpiles in the winter. Trees barely use any w...

May 2, 2019

Last month we removed a hedge which was taking up too much space and light. Leyland Cypress hedges are great if kept on top of, if not trimmed regularly they'll get too large. Unlike the majority of trees which can be pruned back hard if required, Leyland Cypress can not. Our client decided they'd had enough and wanted it gone! We removed the hedge along with the stumps. We then erected a fence in its place...

April 30, 2019

A few weeks ago we removed an old and untidy hedgerow which had grown too wide and was taking up too much space and water, which was preventing the grass from growing.  The stumps were ground out and a clean slate was left for the customer to landscape their garden! 

April 15, 2019

A Willow tree we reduced last year coming into leaf and still looking spot on! 🌲😊

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