Healthy life...healthy mind!

This is not specifically tree surgery related, however, still a very important element to running a successful your health! Sometimes business owners can neglect their bodies by not having enough time to make or buy the right foods, so the easier option is generally chosen, such as a sandwich from a petrol station or a ready meal from a supermarket or sometimes even a takeaway. A diet consisting of this will not only bring you down physically, but also mentally and I feel it is important to keep a healthy mind when running a business. Healthy life...healthy mind! I feel it is also important to make time for the gym, even if it is only one day a week, anything is better than no

Why use a professional tree surgeon?

Why use a professional tree surgeon? There are many reasons why you should use a professional tree surgeon. The main reasons being the health of your tree, damage to property, but more importantly, the safety of you or the people working on it. Some smaller jobs you may be able to take on yourself or possibly a gardener or landscaper might tackle the job, however, think twice about using the man down the road who has recently bought a new chainsaw! When it comes to pruning trees, there is a specifically skilled approach that needs to be taken in order to keep your tree healthy. If it's not pruned correctly, then besides the fact it may look very unsightly, decay and infection can set in quic

A great location for a days work!

Last week we ventured into Buckden Marina for a days work! A picturesque location and a perfect setting for maintaining trees in the sunshine! The clients had complained that the trees were over hanging their cabins, so we came to an agreement to reduce them in size by two to three metres, which is known as a crown reduction. These trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order, so in order to carry out the works, an application to the local authorities was required. We undertake this ourselves so that the client doesn't have the added worry! The application was accepted and carried out to specification and the clients were delighted! If you a similar job or query then please get in touch!

The sun is shining!

The sun is shining and hopefully here to stay this time! Has your garden been neglected over this very long, cold and wet winter? Maybe you have overgrown hedges that were not trimmed last year or a tree that you kept meaning to prune but never got round to it? Or maybe a shrub that just needs a little TLC? With the weather warming up, now's the time to act. Get the jobs out of the way, so that when summer finally arrives, all you've got left to do is sit in the sunshine, enjoying a glass of Pimm's! Feel free to get in touch and we can provide a free quotation to meet your requirements!

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We are a comprehensive tree surgery company covering Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. Commercially and domestically. All members of the team are fully insured and have the necessary NPTC qualifications.



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