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Healthy life...healthy mind!

This is not specifically tree surgery related, however, still a very important element to running a successful your health! Sometimes business owners can neglect their bodies by not having enough time to make or buy the right foods, so the easier option is generally chosen, such as a sandwich from a petrol station or a ready meal from a supermarket or sometimes even a takeaway. A diet consisting of this will not only bring you down physically, but also mentally and I feel it is important to keep a healthy mind when running a business. Healthy life...healthy mind! I feel it is also important to make time for the gym, even if it is only one day a week, anything is better than nothing!

I am currently completing a 10 day transformation programme, suggested by Steve at Strive Performance and I can honestly say I feel great! So much energy and so positive! Although little food is consumed throughout the 10 days I still have enough energy to work all day and hit the gym in the evening! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to boost their energy levels, shift any bad habits or just get a kick in the right direction!

Anyway, back to tree posts!

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