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Thirsty work!

Thirst is harder for trees to endure than hunger because they can satisfy their hunger whenever they want. A mature tree can send up to 400 litres of water a day, as long as it can draw enough up from below. However, the moisture would soon run out if it were to do that every day in the summer. In the warmer seasons there isnt nearly enough water, so the tree stockpiles in the winter. Trees barely use any water during the Winter so the stockpiled water usually lasts until the onset of summer. In many years water gets scarce, after a few weeks of high temperatures and no rain, trees begin to suffer. The tension in the drying wood becomes too much for the tree to bear, it can crack and split its bark, and in extreme cases like this, even the wood. This tree in particular has a fungal infection known as Honey Fungus, with no remedy to prevent the fungus, it will eventually kill the tree. Honey Fungus affects the root system, which may be an added factor to the tree not getting the water it needs. 

The tree was reduced in height by 4 metres to reduce the weight and prevent failure.

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