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Why have one Yew Tree when you can have 100!

A fantastic planting job over in Sandy.

Last month we were asked to remove an existing tired hedge for one of our regular clients. The hedge was full of Ivy and brambles which sadly had declined over the years and was in a very poor state.

Once we had removed the old hedge and grinded the stumps out, we dug a trench roughly 12" deep. We removed any weeds, roots and large stones. We also forked over the bottom of the trench to make sure there was no compacted soil.

Luckily we had a digger to hand to help move all 100 Yew Trees.

We spaced the trees about 60cms apart. Yew hedging is formal so it pays to spend time getting the lines straight and the spacing even.

We watered the rootballs and returned the soil around the plants, making sure that they remained upright and in line.

Once we had finished planting we watered the Yew Trees very well. it is very important not to let the bed dry out. The job was carried out exactly as planned and the customer was delighted!

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