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Surveying a Wellingtonia in Barton.

Yesterday we were in Barton with the pleasure of surveying a very impressive Wellingtonia! Trees at this stage in their life are always best to keep an eye on as unfortunately, at some point, they will start to decline. The biggest concern of this tree is its 'V' shaped union. If this tree was left to it's own devices it would have inevitably broke apart, leaving the more stable half standing. This half then survives for a few more years or even decades, but not much longer. The large wound never heals, and fungi begin to devour the tree slowly from the inside out! 

A bracing system has been installed some years ago, this is to prevent the tree from moving too much in strong winds. Also a weight reduction to its heaviest limbs at the same time has given this tree an extended life.  

Thankfully this tree is in tip top condition and should hopefully stand for many years to come! 

Whilst Guy and myself carried out the tree survey, Karl and Jake did a smashing job of trimming the clients front hedge too! A tricky job being so tall and with a pond one side and a road the other! 

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