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Sycamore Tree reduction at The Horseshoe restaurant in Offord, Cambridgeshire

A few weeks ago we were in Offord at The Horse Shoe restaurant in Cambridgeshire, reducing this Sycamore tree. The owner of the restaurant wanted advice on whether the tree was safe to remain as it was, would benefit from a reduction, or should be felled. On inspection of the tree we decided it did not need to be felled, however, i noticed a couple of branches had snapped off in the wind, this is one indication a tree may need a reduction. We came to an agreement that the tree needed to be reduced. We then agreed a price and a date, and all arrangements were made to make sure the work was completed in a safe manor, including notifying the neighbours.

The work was completed to satisfaction, with the owner quoting:

"Charlie and his colleague carried out a crown reduction on our large sycamore in our pub garden, they arrived on time, worked quickly and efficiently with excellent results. The tree looks great and they tidied up so well the only way you would know they had been was to look at the tree. Reliable, professional and friendly service. I would recommend to anyone"

Reducing a tree has many benefits, some of these are listed below;

- Reduce the risk of branches breaking off in the wind and causing damage to anything below.

- A reduction also involves the removal of all major dead wood, which has a very likely chance of breaking off.

- To help maintain a trees shape and well-being.

- Gain more light into your garden and surrounding areas.

- Keep those neighbours happy!

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