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Felling Ash trees with 'Ash Dieback Disease' in Boxworth, Cambridgeshire

This week we were in Boxworth in Cambridgeshire, felling Ash trees with the notorious Ash Dieback. Ash Dieback is a disease of Ash trees caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.. If you suspect that your Ash tree may have signs of the disease, a professional should be called to your home where he can confirm that this is the case. Unfortunately, once a tree is infected with this disease, it is unlikely to recover. The Ash tree in the picture below is an extreme example and I believe there was more than one fungi causing such severe damage. The customer had no idea of the condition of the tree, as Ivy was covering the affected area and was shocked to realise the damage that could have been caused by a tree leaning over their house in such a bad condition. This is an important reason to keep Ivy at bay! The tree was safely removed, along with one other.

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