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Dead wooding and crown thinning five large Poplars.

Last week we were at Church Farm in Caxton Cambridgeshire, after a recommendation by Caxton Parish Council.

This job involved crown thinning and removing dead wood from five large Poplar trees.

The trees were precariously situated over an industrial estate and over Gransden Road (which is one of the main roads through Caxton). Careful measures were taken to ensure the safety of the public using the highway and the industrial estate.

The trees were completed within the day and the site was left spotless. The owner of Church Farm and the Industrial estate were very impressed with our work and yet again we were praised for how tidy we left the site.

If you have a similar job, or any tree or hedge work required, do not hesitate to contact us. Click on the link to our website where you will find multiple contact details.

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