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Felling two large Conifer trees in Keysoe, Cambridgeshire

Last week we were in Keysoe felling two large Leylandii trees. The trees had been reduced before but had become so large they had outgrown their surroundings. The customer was referred to us by their gardener (from whom we get frequent referrals.) The smaller of the trees had to be climbed and dismantled, whilst the larger was pulled over using a winch to ensure it fell exactly where intended. The local equestrian centre took all of the wood chip from the job and the local villagers had all the wood. We even had time to cut down one of their neighbour's trees whilst we were there!

The customers were so happy with our work and with the fact that they had earned a few brownie points with the villagers, that they sent two cheques... one to pay the invoice and one as a tip for a job well done! It was a very generous offer to which we were most grateful.

If you have a similar job, or any tree or hedge work required, do not hesitate to contact us. Click on the link to our website where you will find multiple contact details.

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