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Pollarding 7 large Poplar trees along the guided bus route in Trumpington, Cambridge.

This week we were in Trumpington, Cambridge, pollarding 7 large Poplar trees. Our client contacted us through Facebook and we arranged a site visit. The work was arranged to be completed on Sundays due to the busses not running on this day. These trees were particularly dangerous as branches had started to fail. One in particular being very large and falling the full length of the property pictured below, narrowly missing their house but crushing the trampoline which their children play on. Needless to say these trees required urgent work. The quotation was accepted by the client and the job was completed on time. Our client had this to say about our work;

"Charlie and his team have done a fantastic job. This began with checking with the tree status with the council, arranging for access to the guided busway on a Sunday and then the actual work of pollarding 6 very tall, shaky poplar trees. They were professional, enthusiastic and very pleasant to deal with. Finally the removal of debris and clean up was really top-notch, they cleaned up the garden very well and took some extra garden debris also! They come very highly recommended from us"

Dr D Williams & Mrs Kaz Izura-Williams.

The owners of the property were extremely happy to see the trees made safe and so were the neighbours, as we are now liasing with them with the aim to do the same with their trees.

If you have a similar job, or any tree or hedge work required, do not hesitate to contact us. Click on the link to our website where you will find multiple contact details.

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